Henschke Industries Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated Quarry & Earthmoving company located on the outskirts of Naracoorte. Henschke Industries Pty Ltd is a name well-known within the Southeast of SA and Western District of Victoria.


In 1960 Laurie and Myrtle Henschke ran a Sawmilling business LA & FM Henschke on 13 hectares of land on Blackwell Road. Cutting mainly redgum timber into railway sleepers and milling building timber.

In 1962 Laurie purchased the neighbouring quarry and continued to work both sawmilling and quarrying operations and Henschke Industries Pty Ltd was established.

By 1963 both businesses were growing due to demand and in a time where Naracoorte was said to lack industry of any kind, Henschke Industries was setting the standard high from the beginning being regarded as one of the most modern mills of its type in the southeast. Over the next 20 years expansions to business saw us operating 3 Sawmills, a Post Peeling Plant and Treatments Works. On the quarrying side “Mossville” Lime was becoming a popular product within the agriculture industry and the seasonal demands of Limestone products had Henschke Industries busy all year round.

The business was established by Laurie Henschke in 1962.

Changing of the guard.

In 1984 through economic changes and high insurance premiums it was decided to relinquish the sawmilling and timber treatment operations and concentrate on quarrying alone. By this time Laurie decided to retire and the business was taken over by some of his children Graham, David, John & Lynette.

The future.

From there, Henschke Industries’ growing customer demands saw updating to a semi transportable crusher plant, then modernising to our first fully mobile Impact Crushing Plant in 2001 allowing to expand business off-site easier.

Gone were the days of the fixed crusher plant in the side of a hill and Lime processing dried in a shed and bagged for sale. Machinery changes in the extraction and processing of materials made way for more efficient production levels and producing a wide range of products to cover different applications.

Fast forward to today and now in its third generation of family ownership, John, Bec, Alistair and David along with their staff, offer a wider variety of earthmoving services and limestone products. Demand for good quality bulk limestone products has seen the Quarry expand and an increased plant and machinery fleet for hire allowing flexibility for specific jobs and customer requirements worked by highly experienced industry operators.

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